Crawl Space

Help Prevent Mold In Your Crawl Space

Fixed Crawl Space Under House

What’s Going On Under Your House?

Your air conditioning system works really hard during the high heat and humidity of summertime. This will cause condensation underneath your home, which means moisture will seep into the wooden floor joists. Moisture in your crawl space can and will cause problems such as mold, bacteria, falling insulation, and attract bugs including termites. You may also experience musty smells and odors. Also, you may notice cupping or warping of your hardwood floors.

By enclosing your crawl space with vapor barriers, you can decrease and possibly eliminate issues that can result from moisture build-up. There are numerous solutions to ridding these moisture issues underneath your home.

Mandolin Services can assess your crawl space and provide moisture/vapor barriers, sump pumps, dehumidifiers, fans, and other equipment, all designed to protect your home and make it an enjoyable environment for you and your family.

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